Electrically Insulating/Low Dielectric Microsphere

Product Announcement from Trelleborg Offshore

Electrically Insulating/Low Dielectric Microsphere-Image

Eccospheres® glass microspheres are hollow thin-walled glass microspheres composed of sodium-depleted borosilicate glass. To the naked eye they resemble a fine, white, free-flowing powder. However, magnification reveals them to be near perfect spheres.

Due to their exclusive glass chemistry Eccospheres® glass microspheres exhibit superior dielectric properties (dielectric constants ranging from 1.1 to 1.6 depending on grade).

Trelleborg's own microsphere containing composites (the TG syntactic foam line) have been found to have dielectric constants ranging from 1.4 to 1.6 (air being 1.0) compared to solid resin (solid epoxies ~ 3.6).

Ask for tips on gaining lower composite dielectrics!!

In addition to the clean glass chemistry, Eccospheres® are packaged in small containers which can be tested individually for a number of particle characteristics including (but not limited to):

Particle Size

Particle Strength

Particle Density

Residual Sodium Content

Particle Packing

**Leading to Unparalleled Process Control**

Always remember to take advantage of Trelleborg Offshore's application assistance. We have experience in assisting customers to achieve just the right processing and materials properties out of their radomes and electrical potting complexes.

Trelleborg Offshore Boston Inc. manufactures five distinct product series. All five series are produced from a high silica glass resulting in material integrity up to 800°C / 1,472°F. Eccospheres® glass microspheres exhibit excellent density/strength ratios - due to the removal of sinkers - and high packing factors. However, additional steps during manufacture have resulted in unique properties for each series.

IG Series: Specifically developed for industrial applications the IG series of Eccospheres® glass microspheres are manufactured to the same high standards as other series. This range does not undergo final washing or floating processes.

FTD Series: The FTD series is washed to remove surface salts, resulting in an ideal surface topography for resins or surface treatments to key to. The clean ion exchanged surface ensures compatibility with almost any resin system and in particular this series is recommended for sulfur sensitive systems.

SI Series: Surface salts formed during manufacture are removed via acid washing. This reduces the alkali content and results in a clean surface chemistry compatible with almost any resin system or surface coating.

SID Series: The SID series has the same chemical composition as the SI series; however, due to Trelleborg Offshore Boston Inc. unique manufacturing capabilities this series exhibits improved strength, without sacrificing density. High strength ensures survival of the spheres in aggressive processes such as extrusion. All the grades in this series are acid washed to provide a clean surface for either a resin system or surface treatment to bond to.