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Product Announcement from Trelleborg Offshore

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Eccofloat® Syntactic Foam Subsea Mooring Buoys

Trelleborg Offshore manufactures subsea buoys used throughout the oil and gas industry. Subsea buoys of almost unlimited size for use in the offshore market are manufactured at our facility in Boston.

Eccofloat® syntactic foam buoys are manufactured from syntactic foam materials. Syntactics for buoyancy are composed of epoxy resin mixed with microscopic hollow glass microspheres, Eccospheres®. Eccofloat® syntactic foam buoys can combine the Eccohide® fibreglass composite outer skin for added durability. We have been manufacturing Eccofloat® syntactic foam subsea mooring buoys for over 30 years providing tons of lift to mooring lines. Eccofloat® syntactic foam modular buoys are ideally suited to applications requiring an enormous amount of buoyancy as each buoy is constructed from individual elements which are interlocked together to form a larger buoyancy module. Eccofloat® syntactic foammodular buoys have been used by Shell, Amoco, Sofec and BP on projects including Foinhaven, Auger, Liuhua and several fields in the Gulf of Mexico.