Electric Melter - Trough Melter

Product Announcement from Trent, Inc.

Electric Melter - Trough Melter-Image

PCT Series Maximum Temperature: 600°F / 316°C

LRT Series Maximum Temperature: 800°F / 427°C

TRENT Solder and Tinning Troughs answer the demand for heavy-duty equipment capable of precision control.

These troughs all employ the same basic design regardless of their size or type of usage. The heavy duty construction with block type insulation on all sides and the bottom, incorporates TRENT Folded and Formed® radiant heater racks which radiate heat directly to the entire bottom of the trough, thus eliminating hot spot heating.

The vessel proper is fabricated from heavy gauge carbon steel with a flange which extends and wraps over the outer casing where it is rigidly fastened to prevent warping when under heat, but easily removable for maintenance. Control is achieved through any high-grade thermostatic type controller.

All troughs are suitable for bench or floor mounting.


• Standard parts with little or no maintenance required

• High-grade mineral board insulation

• Heavy-duty steel vessel fabricated using welded steel construction

• Wrap-around brim to prevent material from seeping into

the heat chamber

TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements for long life

and superior direct radiant heat transfer to the vessel bottom

• Thermostat sensing thermocouple


• Fused safety disconnect switch

• Switch gear and control package

• Special purpose accessories