Paraplast Melter

Product Announcement from Trent, Inc.

Paraplast Melter-Image

Maximum Temperature: 650°F / 343°C

TRENT Paraplast Melters are similar in design to the KA Series Kettles, but have been adapted to enable melting Paraplast and other low melting point compounds. The heavy-duty construction incorporates TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements spaced one inch away from the bottom and sides of the outer surface wall of the vessel. The low watts density, ribbon type heating elements radiate heat in an even, low flux density to the vessel and compounds within. This important feature prevents decomposition caused when heat impingement is concentrated, or in contact with the material, upon melt down.

Temperature control is maintained by use of a pyrometer with a thermocouple probe attached to the outer vessel wall. An adjustable overtemperature control is also included to protect the compounds from overheating in the event of main control failure.

Standard models have variable speed, paddle-wheel type agitators operated with an air motor through a gear reduction unit, an uninsulated split-hinged cover, and a quick-action, lever type, heated valve for easy discharge of the melted material. The melter stands on legs to bring the valve 36" above the floor.


• Standard parts with little or no maintenance required

• High-grade mineral wool type insulation

• Removable, heavy-duty steel vessel fabricated using welded steel construction

• Wrap-around brim to prevent material from seeping into

the heat chamber

• Uninsulated, hinged cover for easy access to the vessel chamber

• Heated, fast-action, manually-operated, lever-type valve and temperature control

TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements for long life

and superior direct radiant heat transfer to the vessel outer walls

• Legs to bring the valve outlet 36" above floor level

• Air-motor driven, two-blade, steel agitator

• Fused safety disconnect switch

• Switch-gear and control package

• Special purpose accessories