Pot Furnace

Product Announcement from Trent, Inc.

Pot Furnace-Image

Maximum Temperature: 1700°F / 927°C

The TRENT Pot Furnaces are used in the metalworking industry for lead and case hardening, drawing, tempering, annealing, brazing, pre-heating and carbonizing. Vessels are available in three types:

Fabricated Steel - 900°F

Nickel Chrome Alloy - 900°F through 1700°F

Inconel - for use with neutral salts through full temperature range of 1600°F

One piece lift-off type covers come with PF-500 and smaller sizes; split swinging covers come with PF-400 and larger size furnaces.


• Standard parts with little or no maintenance required

• Firebrick chamber liner backed by slab-type secondary insulation

• Vessel of pressed steel, inconel or stainless steel with flange skirt and gasket to prevent seepage into furnace chamber

• One piece lift-off or split swing cover depending on model

• Carbon steel outer casing painted with a heat-resistant paint

TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements supported by ceramic retainers that

are keyed into the side walls of the brick chamber

• Thermocouples for heat chamber and vessel temperature control plus furnace overtemperature protection with additional thermocouple or gold fuse


• Fused safety disconnect switch

• Switch gear and control package

• Product overtemperature protection as required

• Special-purpose accessories