Radiant Heat Bell Ovens

Product Announcement from Trent, Inc.

Radiant Heat Bell Ovens-Image

Maximum Temperature: 1000°F / 538°C

Radiant Heat Bell Ovens are designed to provide economical radiant heat. The outer casing is heavy gauge reinforced steel construction insulated with mineral wool for low outer skin temperature. The inner liner is aluminized steel with work chamber access through the open bottom. TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements are mounted to the inner liner side walls to provide a blanket of radiant hear to surround the charge placed in the oven, No heaters are located on the ceiling of the oven.

The ROBF Series Bell Ovens are built of those applications where recirculated air flow is required in the work chamber for speed of processing or other reasons. A recirculating fan is located at the top of the oven behind an aluminized steel baffle. The fan draws air around and through the load in the work chamber in a vertical plane with circulation from bottom to top. The air is forced behind the fan baffle to the sidewalls where it passes downward over the heating elements located in the sidewall ducting. The sidewall ducting also acts as a baffle to prevent direct radiation to the process load.

Both series do well in special purpose processing and can be adapted to various methods of raising and lowering the oven over the work load and to varying insulated base requirements. Insulated bases and specialized lifting mechanisms are options. Lifting lugs are standard.


• Standard parts with little or no maintenance required

• Heavy gauge reinforced steel exterior for industrial applications

• Aluminized steel inner casing

• One-piece lift-off cover split-swing cover fully insulated

• Mineral wool insulation for low outer casing temperature

TRENT Folded and Formed® heating elements for long life and

good temperature control


• Switch gear and control package

• Special purpose accessories