Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing

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Medical device manufacturers face a clear imperative to automate, yet they also have many unique requirements that can make choosing an automation partner challenging. Manual processes are increasingly difficult to justify in the face of growing demands for manufacturing traceability and the accompanying explosion in the amount of data, among other considerations. Even so, choosing a partner to help in the successful automation of manufacturing processes must be done carefully. Producers need a partner who can help accomplish their revenue objectives while making safe and effective products that comply with all the relevant safety standards. 

This article examines some of the special needs of medical device manufacturers and reviews Tri-Mation Industries qualifications to meet those needs.  

The Need for Flexibility and Adaptability 

The increasing focus by health care agencies on early diagnosis and treatment are leading to a rising number of diagnostic, testing, and surgical procedures. In addition, personalized medicine continues to grow, further increasing the need for testing and corresponding medical devices. 

Some automation vendors prefer jobs that allow them to concentrate on high volume without regard to flexibility. While Tri-Mation understands the need to ramp up a production process and the benefits that come from the economies of scale, they also have the skill to design systems that can be easily reconfigured. Such flexibility enables a manufacturer to run different medical devices through the same production system, thereby vastly improving the ROI and quickening the pace of benefits from the automation. 

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