CJ Bearings Save Steel Company Millions

Product Announcement from TriStar Plastics Corp.

CJ Bearings Save Steel Company Millions-Image

Heavy-duty composite bearings replace bronze bushings, increase production and lower maintenance costs

One of the steel industry's premier suppliers is projected to save millions of dollars through increased production and lowered maintenance costs -simply by replacing their manually-lubricated bronze bushings with self-lubricating CJ bearings on their electro-galvanizing machine.

"Our production line came to a complete standstill every time we had to replace or manually grease the bronze bushings on the electro-galvanizing process line," our client explains. "This was an enormous loss in production and profits; costing us $30,000 for every hour the line was down. It also put us at a competitive disadvantage given the 24/7 manufacturing demands of the steel industry," our client cites.

CJ bearings deliver for the steel industry: extended duty and improved uptime

This CJ application is on the shear trunnion bearings found on the drive units of the electroplating cell line. The bearings oscillate on an indexing table at the lead end of the line, with each line requiring four bearings. Before CJ, the 660 bronze bushings failed on average every 45 days. Each bearing failure required two workers over four hours to complete the emergency repair.

After reviewing the application demands, our design team recommended maintenance-free CJ bearings. CJ bearings could deliver our steel client the extended-duty operation they needed to maintain a non-stop production schedule. The durable composite design could also resist the corrosive plating solutions and 100-150° F service environment. CJ bearings have a proven record in the most-demanding applications including agriculture, construction and marine environments.

"By moving to heavy-duty CJ composite bearings we've increased our throughput and are on track to save millions in lost production over the next few years. CJ bearings have extended our bearing lifespan to 18 months, which is a dramatic increase from our old bronze bushings which failed within two months," our client adds.

Since making the switch, our client cites that CJ Composite Bearings have actually extended the operating life of their machinery, and has saved them the expense of manual greasing and regular maintenance.

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