Ultracomp Bearing Grade Composites...

Product Announcement from TriStar Plastics Corp.

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Ultracomp Bearing Grade Composites meet the rigorous needs of high load, low speed plane bearing applications.

Ultracomp is self-lubricating, easy to machine, has exceptional resistance to vibration and impact, and an ultimate compressive strength of up to 54,000 psi. Ultracomp is produced using synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers with a series of internal lubricants. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for wet or dry, dirty or clean applications, and where loads exceed all other non-metallic bearing materials.

Ultracomp excels in linear, oscillating, and rotary applications that require high load and low speed conditions. It is available in tube, sheet stock, or can be fabricated into custom bearings to your specifications.

UC200 - Bearing Grade Polyester / Graphite Composite
Designed for high load, high impact, slow speed, and vibratory applications. UC200 has excellent abrasion resistance, does not require lubrication, and has extremely low moisture absorption. Runs best on shafts with RC30 or higher.

UC300 - Bearing Grade Polyester / PTFE Composite
Similar in construction to UC200, PTFE lubricant added to resin matrix for rotary or linear applications to reduce its coefficient of friction. Runs well against stainless and aluminum.

UC400 - Bearing Grade Polyester / MOS2 Composite
Similar in construction to UC200 with moly lubricant for slow rotary, salt water, and dry oscillation applications.

UC500 - Bearing Grade Blended Fiber / Graphite Composite
Unique interwoven laminate using PTFE, polyester fibers, and graphite lubricant. Excellent material for full rotary applications where self-lubricated low friction and long wear is required.