3x5 50&75W : Universally Useful, Pleasantly Priced

Featured Product from Triad Magnetics

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As noted, these useful, general purpose 3"x5" power supplies are solidly built and a standard in size and performance for worldwide application. They're also readily available from our extensive distribution network for around $20 USD, based on 100 piece order quantities. Questions? Things you'd care to discuss? Please feel free to reach us any way you'd like. (Except maybe semaphore.)

ALS50-3.3 3.3V@9.1A

ALS50-5 5V@9.0A

ALS50-12 12V@4.2A

ALS50-24 24V@2.1A

ALS75-3.3 3.3V@12.0A

ALS75-5 5V@12A

ALS75-12 12@6.6A

ALS75-24 24V@3.1A