36-Device AC Charging and Secure Storage Cart

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36-Device AC Charging and Secure Storage Cart-Image

The CSC36AC is a 36-device AC charging cart for Chromebooks and laptops up to 15 inches. It provides efficient charging, locking storage, clutter-reducing organization, multipurpose use and convenient mobility in classroom environments. This powder-coated steel charging cart is a purpose-built solution with innovative features for K-12 education.

The following is a summary of the CSC36AC charging cart's features and operating instructions. For more detailed information, see the Owner's Manual here.

The CSC36AC features two 18-outlet charging zones (for 36 total devices) to support higher wattages without overloads. There are front and rear key-locking compartments with 3-point metal locks to keep devices and power bricks secured separately (keys are included).

To get started, attach the handle, corner safety bumpers and power cord manager to the cart. No other assembly is required. Adjust the storage shelf dividers as needed to accommodate devices.

The next step is to connect the power bricks for the devices that require charging. In the rear compartment, there are three removable baskets, each with a divider to separate the Red Zone from the Blue Zone. Each half basket corresponds with its storage shelf zone on the front side of the charging cart. Place the power bricks in the basket that corresponds to the appropriate shelf and zone. Working one basket and zone at a time, plug the power brick into its designated outlet on the AC charger unit, then run the device cable and connector through a zoned device slot and into the overhead cable manager. Repeat as needed. The built-in cable management and color-coded, numbered shelves help keep cables and devices neat and organized.

After the power bricks are connected, connect all the devices and place them on their respective shelves. Then find the charging cart's AC input plug and cord located in the cart's bottom compartment. Push the input plug through the cable access hole grommet near the bottom of the charging cart. Connect the plug to an AC outlet with a dedicated circuit, preferably an outlet with a 20-amp (NEMA 5-20R) AC circuit. The AC outlet should not be shared. The total wattage of the charging cart and all connected components should not exceed 1,440 watts.

The charging cart's built-in charging timer unit alternates charging hourly between the Red Zone and the Blue Zone. The LEDs on the outside of the cart indicate which zone is being charged. Flow-through ventilation helps moderate temperatures inside the cart.

The CSC36AC has extra features to support multipurpose use. There are two non-charging external convenience power outlets to the left of the LED interface to power projectors or other classroom equipment. To use the two external power outlets, flip the on/off switch located on the charging timer unit inside the rear compartment. (The external outlets will not be active while the zones are charging.)

The internal convenience outlet can be used to power a peripheral, like a wireless access point. The RJ45 pass-through port makes it easy to connect to an external Ethernet network.

The CSC36AC also has a solid wood-grain laminate worktop. The top can be used as a writing surface, or it can take the place of a podium or flat A/V cart in the classroom.

Moving dozens of devices inside the cart is simple. The CSC36AC has locking, swivel casters with large non-marking wheels to improve handling over uneven surfaces. The wide-grip handle assists cart control. When the cart is in motion, the power cord manager keeps the 10 ft. power cord out of the way.