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Robust Inertial Sensors Directional Drilling & MWD

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Directional drilling guidance and measurement while drilling applications necessitate inertial sensing systems capable of providing accurate measurement data in highly vibrating conditions.

North-seeking modules must exhibit outstanding bias instability and Angular Random Walk (ARW) to ensure accurate azimuth angle measurement.

High-performance digital MEMS gyros and accelerometers offer a low-cost and low-SWaP alternative to the bulky and expensive quartz and FOG sensors utilized in the oil and gas industry. They demonstrate demanding performance in a small component that can be easily incorporated in a form-factor-constrained drilling, maintenance, or inspection tool.

Indeed, our small MEMS accelerometers and gyros can be coupled to build a compact Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that fits inside a drilling or survey tube with a limited diameter while maintaining optimal performance on the measurement axis.

Discover the AXO®315, a ± 14 g high performance digital MEMS accelerometer, and GYPRO®4300, a ± 300 °/s high stability digital MEMS gyro. Both use a closed-loop architecture to ensure highly linear response and excellent vibration rectification error for precise MWD under high vibrations and shocks.

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