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High performance MEMS inertial sensors

Featured Product from Tronics Microsystems

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Tronics is the only provider of both closed-loop MEMS Accelerometers and Gyros, taking MEMS inertial sensors to an unrivalled level of performance. Closed-loop electronics, also called force-feedback, brings several key advantages to inertial sensors, including superior linearity, increased signal to noise ratio and improved behavior under harsh vibrations, shocks and temperature environments.

Over the last 15 years, Tronics has produced more than 1 million high performance MEMS inertial sensors for a large set of customers worldwide. These ITAR-free products are manufactured in its own wafer fab, assembly and calibration lines, all located in France.

They are well suited for system manufacturers with strong requirements for high bias stability, high-performance inertial sensors. They are used in applications such as precision navigation, motion tracking and control, as well as optical stabilization.

More on: https://www.tronics.tdk.com/inertial-sensors/high-performance-mems-inertial-sensors/mems-acceleration-angular-rate-sensors/?utm_source=Global+Spec&utm_medium=Announcement&utm_content=High+performance+MEMS+inertial+sensors