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Tactical-grade, 24 bit digital MEMS accelerometer

Featured Product from Tronics Microsystems

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Tronics Microsystems' AXO315 is a tactical-grade 1-axis, ±14 g range, 24 bit digital SPI closed-loop MEMS accelerometer in an hermetic SMD package. AXO315 was designed and developed to provide high precision and reliability in the most challenging environments, withstanding severe temperature and vibration conditions common in industrial, land, railway, naval, oil & gas and construction applications.

Main applications

  • Acceleration/deceleration and tilt measurements in railway
  • IMU and INS for trains, ground and underground vehicles, and robots
  • Servo-inclinometer for precise industrial motion and tilt control
  • AHRS for VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircrafts and UAV
  • Test instrumentation

Main features and benefits

  • High precision and fidelity with 1-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg and a 600 ppm composite scale factor repeatability over temperature and vibrations (-55 °C to 105 °C, > 4 g rms vibration), making it compatible with demanding applications such as GNSS-assisted train localization and e-VTOL AHRS..
  • Force-rebalance closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with quartz sensors -equivalent performances at a fraction of their size (<0.8 cm3vs <10 cm3), weight (<1.4 g vs 50 g) and price (2-3 times cheaper).
  • SMD component with 24 bit digital SPI interface reducing the cost of integration and BOM: standard SMT assembly on FR4 board, no ADC required and easier system calibration.
  • Non classified under dual use applications enabling civil and security usage without export license.