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Vibration tolerant accelerometer for railway

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AXO®315 closed-loop accelerometer features high linearity (80ppm) and strong vibration rejection (20µg/g²) for precise acceleration and tilt measurements under railway vibrations. It provides a 1mg composite bias repeatability and 600ppm composite scale-factor repeatability over 1 year. Its 24bit SPI interface features a continuous self-test for safety applications.

Vibration tolerant digital MEMS accelerometer for railway

Precise acceleration / deceleration and tilt measurements in railway environment requires a strong tolerance and rejection of vibrations. Tronics Microsystems' AXO315 is a 1-axis, closed-loop digital MEMS accelerometer that was designed to provide high precision and reliability in severe railway temperature, shocks and vibrations conditions. Its 24 bit SPI output also provides a continuous self-test for safety critical applications such as GNSS-assisted positioning and autonomous navigation.

Main applications

  • INS for GNSS-assisted positioning of trains
  • INS for GNSS-assisted navigation of autonomous trains
  • IMU for acceleration/deceleration measurement and odometer back-up
  • Servo-inclinometer for precise motion and tilt control

Main features and benefits

  • Continuous self-test
  • 80ppm scale factor non linearity over ±14 g range
  • 20µg/g² Vibration Rectification Error under 4.12 g rms vibrations [10-2000Hz]
  • 1-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg over -55 °C / +105 °C and vibrations
  • 600 ppm composite scale factor repeatability
  • Hermetic SMD component for standard SMT assembly on FR4 board
  • 24 bit digital SPI interface: simple integration with no ADC required and easier system calibration.
  • Fully hard-coded electronic, no embedded software, to ease system certification
  • Non-classified under dual use applications enabling civil usage without export license.

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