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Laser Engraver and Cutter Speedy Series

Featured Product from Trotec Laser, Inc.

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Whether you’re just starting your business or increasing your production capacity, Speedy is the perfect choice. As the fastest laser engraving machine on the market, Speedy helps you make your daily work more profitable. First-class components, reliable  mechanical engineering guarantee you minimum maintenance and maximum runtime. Ruby®, the most intelligent laser software, ensures a smooth workflow from the idea to the finished product. 

Speedy laser engravers – profitability by design

Increase your productivity with the Speedy laser engraver.

Time is money – the time per laser job is crucial for the success of your business. The engraving speed of 4.3 m/s and 5 g, the OptiMotionTM motion control and a laser power of up to 120 watts make the Speedy not only the fastest but also the most productive laser engraver and cutter on the market.

Be more flexible with the Speedy laser engraver.

Discover endless application options thanks to CO2 and fiber lasers in one machine. With the Speedy you can implement any CO2 laser application as well as annealing or metal engraving.

The patented Flexx TechnologyTM, the multi-functional table concept and a variety of well thought-out options allow full flexibility.

Make your work more exciting with the Speedy laser engraver.

Ruby®, the design software for laser, ensures a smooth workflow. Create graphic, photo and text elements and make adjustments quickly thanks to the integrated workflow. With software that is also a graphics and laser program. And a user interface that inspires. Ruby® connects all your lasers in one network, locally or on the go.

8x faster cutting.

Move along the curves as if on rails. Our unique OptiMotion™ path control automatically adapts the cutting speed to the geometry. Achieve the best contour accuracy with the highest productivity when cutting. This is an unbeatable advantage, particularly with thin materials such as foils or vector marking.

Durability meets engraving quality.

Experience a uniform engraving image and cut the finest details thanks to the best power stability and a fine laser spot. The heart of the Trotec laser machine – the patented CeramiCore® laser source technology boasts impressive durability.

Never refill the laser CO2 gas and thus replace the laser less often – so you’ll have your laser for a long time.

Endless possibilities for more products.

Get endless application options with the patented Flexx Technology™. CO2 and fiber lasers are integrated in one machine.  With this you can offer more laser products to your customers. Direct metal marking, annealing or any conceivable CO2 laser application can be done with one machine. 
From wood to glass to plastic, you can process anything with just 2 mouse clicks. Less steps than any other laser machine on the market.

More engraving in less time – the most profitable laser hour.

Engrave faster than ever before and anyone else. Even with small increments up to 2 pt. Clearly legible engraving results in the shortest possible time. The Trotec design of the drive system, dynamic motors and sophisticated control electronics enable engraving at 4.3m/s and 5g – this makes our Speedy the fastest laser engraver on the market.

For simpler, faster work with your laser. Digital to the core.

Easily create designs, graphic, photo and text elements – from the initial idea to the finished product with Ruby®. Adjustments can be made quickly with the integrated workflow. Ruby® connects all your lasers in one network, locally or on the go. Jobs can be distributed across multiple machines from a PC or Mac.