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Laser Marking Machines

Featured Product from Trotec Laser, Inc.

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The use of SpeedMarker laser marking machines supports automation processes through productive laser marking of dynamic data and extensive functionalities of AdvancedScripting®. Whether mechanical engineering, the electronics industry or contract engraving: You can mark individual components as well as large batches with a galvo laser system of laser class 2 for full traceability, brand communication or functional markings.

SpeedMarker laser marking machine – created for automation.

Be productive automated with the SpeedMarker laser marking machines.

The SpeedMark® laser software not only controls the laser process centrally, it also offers automation-compatible interfaces for connecting external data and control commands. Infinite scripting options guarantee consistent quality with recurring markings. The legibility of the marking is guaranteed by high quality lenses and components.

Mark 100x faster.

Mark inclined planes, spheres, bowls, cylinders and pipes up to 100x faster.
Instead of rotating the 3D object mechanically, the focus is constantly guided over the object by a software-controlled lens system. Complex clamping, slow mechanical rotating and the time-consuming set-up associated with the mechanical rotary engraving attachment are no longer necessary thanks to the virtual rotary engraving.

Programmed by you.

Program your laser processes yourself. You can easily put together complex sequence programs, interactions with third-party systems or your own operator screens visually using predefined programming modules. In this way, system operators can set up new production processes quickly and without the help of manufacturer support and react quickly to changed requirements.

Mark everything that needs to be marked.

Process data directly from Excel, SAP, E-commerce systems or databases. In this way, you can individualize separate parts automatically and with consistent data. You can do the programming and processing of all dynamic data directly in the laser software - without the help of third-party programs. From job shopper up to 10 pieces to mass production of up to 350 pieces per hour.

Full process integration.

Integrate your laser system into your automation environment.
Both external control signals (e.g.: fieldbus automation) and external data (e.g.: serial numbers or codes) can be integrated using digital interfaces.

Designed for process reliability.

Rely on the system.
Reliability, consistent quality, continuous operation and service friendliness are the focus.
All components are designed for 24/7 use in industrial production.