Trotec flexx Technology

Featured Product from Trotec Laser, Inc.

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Trotec's innovative flexx laser technology combines a fiber laser and a CO2 laser in one system, creating an accurate and reliable way to streamline processes and improve efficiency. As pioneers of the dual-source laser technology, Trotec been testing, refining and improving it for the past decade.


Why two laser soures are better than one

Trotec's patented flexx system provides the processing capabilities of two machines with the benefits of using only one, so it maximizes output and reduces overhead. The system combines a CO2 laser for cutting and engraving a wide variety of materials (including plastic, wood, rubber and glass) with a fiber laser for marking plastics and metals, eliminating the need to use and maintain separate systems to process jobs that require both laser types. Using a single system increases throughput because it eliminates the need to stop and start jobs, and with one system and one beam source, maintenance costs and processing times are cut in half.


Maximum flexxibility

Trotec flexx systems are available in more than 30 configurations and different power levels (up to 120 watts for CO2 lasers and up to 50 watts for fiber lasers). Customers can add flexx to a Speedy system at any time. The systems come with user-friendly, patented Job Control workflow software that integrates easily with existing systems.


With ten years of experience testing and improving flexx dual-source laser technology, Trotec is uniquely positioned to offer a highly refined product with superior performance and more options, allowing its users to achieve significant cost and time-saving process improvements.