UNI Optics High Precision Metallic Coated Mirror

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UNI Optics can provide the mirrors  with various substrate materials, such as BK7, single crystal silicon, quartz,   sapphire, calcium fluoride, zinc selenide, metallic copper, alloy aluminum, etc.The products can be flat mirrors, spherical mirrorsand beam splitters.   

The coating can be UV-enhanced aluminum, protective silver, enhanced gold, and dielectric mirrors. These products are widely used in optical instruments, laser systems, medical imaging, and analysis equipment. Visit our product page for more information .

1.What Metallic Coated types can Uni-Optics supply?

Uni-Optics mainly offers four coating types, including:

  • 1) UV Enhanced Aluminum : Ravg > 85% from 250nm to 400nm
  • 2) Protected Aluminum: Ravg > 87% from 400nm to 800nm
  • 3) Protected Silver: Ravg > 95% from 400nm to 20um
  • 4) Protected Gold: Ravg > 98% from 650nm to 16um

2.What are the features of Metallic coated mirror?

  • Metallic coated mirror have many key features below:
  • Wide spectral range
  • Not sensitive to the incidence angle and polarization state
  • Low cost
  • Non-durable
  • Relatively low reflectance
  • Low laser damage threshold

3.What UNI Optics can do for you?

  • Common Specifications:
  • Substrate Materials: N-BK7, Fused silica, Pyrex?Float glass
  • Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Surface quality:  60-40
  • Parallelism:  3’
  • Flatness: λ/4 per 25mm@633nm
  • Bevel: Protective
  • One surface: Polished and Metallic coating
  • The other surface: Fine ground

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