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Tsubaki TKHD Series Cable Carriers

Featured Product from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

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The Tsubaki TKHD series is a line of heavy duty cable carriers that are built to handle high additional loads for longer travel lengths. No matter how heavy the load, and no matter how long the route, the TKHD series will keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency. All TKHD cable carriers feature a massive, enclosed, stain-repellent stop system and massive sidebands through robust double fork-bracket-construction. The TKHD series also offers convenience for operators. These cable carriers feature quick and easy openings to the inside or outside for seamless cable laying, have a soil-resistant outer contour for outdoor applications, allow for easier change of components and are maintenance-free for the ultimate convenience. Trust the TKHD series to withstand the most grueling applications.

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