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Custom Cable Carriers

Featured Product from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

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KabelSchlepp produces world-class cable and hose carriers in a wide range of sizes and types for a variety of environments.

KabelSchlepp can engineer a carrier system that will maximize productivity and minimize costs for an unlimited number of applications- from computer plotters and micro sensitive test & measurement equipment on up to the largest offshore drilling rigs and high-speed automated machining centers.

Because KabelSchlepp offers its customers a complete line of both heavy-duty steel and durable yet lightweight glass-fiber reinforced nylon carrier systems; the choice of the most appropriate and cost effective carrier system is yours.

Need a few good reasons to use KabelSchlepp cable & hose carriers? KabelSchlepp offers these significant advantages:

  • The widest variety of options available with over 100,000 variants and custom cavity widths that can be matched to the exact millimeter of your application
    Most options are immediately available from stock
  • Individual manufacturing for your custom-made solution
    KabelSchlepp's state-of-the-art North American manufacturing facilities provide application matched solutions quickly and economically helping your bottom line
  • Complete solutions including carrier systems, strain relief, cables & hoses, guide channels
    They save time and money and give you the peace of mind that you have selected the most efficient and reliable system available for your application
  • World-wide service
    Local design, installation, and maintenance services available around the globe
  • Unique product advantages
    Nearly all KabelSchlepp energy and hose carriers have been engineered to be easy to assemble and maintain and many offer best of class performance features such as noise reduction, long wear, self-supporting operation