Sealed Joint Options for Engineered Chain

Product Announcement from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

Depending on the type of chain and the specific application, Tsubaki can offer several types of seals. These seals are great in harsh industry environments.  In most cases, these seal options can be incorporated individually or in combination. Please contact Tsubaki for assistance in selecting the seal design that is right for you.

1. Extended Bushing Barrier Seal: The chain bushings are extended beyond the inside sidebars to minimize the clearance between the outside bars and the bushings. This in turn creates a solid barrier that inhibits abrasive material from entering the pin/bushing joint.

2. Polymer Wide Face Seal: Constructed of a high temperature engineered polymer, this seal encircles the extended bushing and provides an additional particulate resistant barrier to help protect the joint and minimize contamination.

3. Stainless Steel Internal Ring Seal: This patent pending seal holds tight onto the pin and rotates within a groove in the bushing, creating a labyrinth to help prevent debris from getting into the pin/bushing area.