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Shock Relays - Overload Protection Devices

Featured Product from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

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Automated manufacturing can raise profit levels through the roof with increased efficiency, productivity, and performance. However, as equipment becomes more integrated, an intermittent shock or jam in one part of the production layout can quickly escalate into a total systems shutdown.  And any unexpected downtime will result in lost profits.   Make sure your lines know when to quit. 

U.S. Tsubaki’s complete line is designed to prevent costly breakdowns caused by overload conditions.   They will stop the operation before any damage can occur.  If power, torque, or load exceeds a preset level anywhere in the materials flow, these accurate, adjustable devices shut down the line — fast, safe, and secure. They re-engage automatically or with a touch of a button once the problem is fixed, so you can get back to business quickly.  Keep production running on YOUR schedule with overload protection devices from U.S. Tsubaki.