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Tsubaki Cam Clutch Line Hits North America

Featured Product from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

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U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its Cam Clutch product line to the North American market.  Recent changes at U.S. Tsubaki’s parent company (Tsubakimoto Chain Co.) have allowed for unregulated globalization of the Cam Clutch product line which Tsubaki has been manufacturing and selling outside of North America for over 50 years.

During this time Tsubaki engineers have been designing and improving uni-directional/mechanical clutches to meet the demanding needs of their customers and the marketplace. These precision devices, which lock the inner and outer races through the locking action of cams, transmit torque in one direction of rotation while overrunning in the other. The vast experience of Tsubaki’s engineers has led to great innovation, allowing Tsubaki to offer the most complete and versatile selection of one-way clutches in the industry.

Tsubaki utilizes precision formed cams made of a special alloy steel that provide extended wear, increased fatigue life, and greater torque holding capacity. In addition, the races are made of high quality alloy steel with high surface hardness and core toughness, and are precision ground to provide excellent concentricity and surface finish to provide accurate cam rotation.

Tsubaki offers a wide variety cam clutch products to fit the specific needs of each application, from backstop cam clutches to general indexing and overrunning clutches.

For more information on all of Tsubaki’s Cam Clutch offerings, to request a catalog, or to watch the Cam Clutch videos showing Tsubaki’s design and performance advantages, visit www.ustsubaki.com or call 800-323-7790.