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Shaped Wire is produced to exacting cross-sectional dimensions in our dedicated shaped wire facility. Shaped profile wire minimizes or eliminates costly machining by being net, or near net, in shape. The rolled and shaped wire reduces your scrap costs and can be supplied in continuous coil form or cut to length. Ulbrich's Shaped Wire products can be produced to specific physical properties in hundreds of alloys of stainless steel, nickel, titanium and exotic alloys.

Our staff of engineers and wire sales professionals can help you with each step of your design and material selection process. Our wire facilities can also produce standard round, flat and square wire shapes.

Shaped Wire Alloys

  • Stainless Steels
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Cobalt Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Nitinol
  • Special Metals


Size Range-Shaped Wire

  • Gauge Range: .005" to .335″ (.120mm to 8.509mm)
  • Width Range: .035" to 1.50" (.89mm to 38.46mm)
  • Round Wire including Fine Wire
  • Flat Wire
  • Square Wire
  • Custom Shapes & Profiles
  • Screen Wire


The Ulbrich Advantage

  • Continuous Coils with Few or No Welds
  • Exacting Dimensions
  • No Burr
  • Intricate Specialty and Custom Edges, Grooves and Profiles
  • Achieve Specific Physical Property Range Requirements
  • State of the Art, In-House Tooling Facility
  • In-Process Gauge and Measurement


Additional Shaped Wire Capabilities


About Ulbrich

Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc., is a global precision re-roller and distributor of stainless steel strip, special metals strip, foil, shaped wire, fine wire, sheet, plate, bar and PV ribbon products. Our precision rolled strip and service center products are known for their excellent reliability and superior performance in critical applications. These products are the result of years of metallurgical development, offering properties well beyond those of ordinary metals. Our job is to supply you with metals engineered to enhance and improve your processes and products.  We offer twelve locations in five countries including Asia, Europe, and North America, with additional sales representation, world-wide.

Our Products


The Ulbrich Advantage
  • Thin gauge strip, foil and wire with narrow width capabilities
  • Exceptional repeatability with physical properties to improve your processes and performance
  • Extremely close dimensional, camber, and flatness tolerances
  • Precision slitting, edging, levelling and packaging
  • Extensive selection of stainless steel, special metals, nickel alloys, titanium, cobalt, niobium, nitinol, and exotic alloys in stock
  • ISO Certified
  • Rolls Royce, GE and Pratt & Whitney approved
  • NADCAP approved lab
  • Custom R&D quantities in addition to large production runs
  • 12 facilities in North America, Asia and Europe

There are many production and material capabilities that Ulbrich offers but, in the end, it’s the people at Ulbrich who make the difference. We are a family-owned company in its fourth generation of leadership. Our dedicated leadership and highly skilled team of metallurgists, product managers, engineers, equipment operators and professional sales staff, provides the environment for all our employees to focus their talent and energies in a common direction.