Mineral insulated & Superscreened cables

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Cabling & Connectors
Ultra Electronics, Energy can supply mineral insulated cabling typically used within the reactor core and superscreened cables and connectors which provide superior screening performance .

Available in:

  • HNS, HN, N, PET, BNC and TNC standard mating face
  • Designed to maintain the superior screening performance of the cable
  • Resistance to age degradation by utilizing unique crimped termination
  • All cables and connectors supplied fully tested
  • Available in small or large quantities


The latest news from Ultra Energy

Welcome! Ultra Energy, formerly Weed Instrument Co., Inc., was acquired by Ultra Electronics Holdings, PLC in November 2008.
The new organization retains the focus on high integrity sensing, control, instrumentation used in harsh environments and mission-critical applications where safety and reliability are paramount.
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Ultra, Energy
Ultra, Energy is a global engineering and design manufacture leader with just over six decades of experience designing for heavily regulated markets, such as nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, and more. We develop sensors, instrumentation and control, and PCB electronics for harsh environments and mission critical applications when safety and reliability matter.
We focus on our customers’ success in every step of our process from sales engagement, quality, delivery, and customer service. Our customers trust us and know our commitment to safety is our top priority.