Optical Interface Modules (OIMs)

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Optical Interface Modules (OIMs)

Key selection criteria:

  • Is the fiber optic cable single mode or multi-mode?
  • What types of connectors terminate the fiber optic cable? (ST or SMA)
  • What is the total loss on the fiber optic link? (This number must be less than the optical budget of the OIM selected)
  • Is fiber link monitoring desirable?


Diagnostic output feature: 2Dxx optical modules provide a full diagnostic output (4-20mA). The output is internally powered and is proportional to the received optical power. The output can be monitored and processed continuously in order to insure the integrity of the fiber optic link. This is beneficial for critical applications such as subsea networking where degradation of the optical signals can be detected before a complete loss of communication occurs. An output less than 4mA indicates loss of optical signal. A pluggable screw terminal connection on the bottom front of the module provides easy access to the output signal.

Modules without Diagnostic Output

  •  2E06 – 850nm Multi-mode – 21dB
  •  2E07 – 850nm Multi-mode – 21dB,12dB, 9dB
  •   2E09 – 1300nm Multi-mode – 12dB, 9dB   
  • 2E10 – 850nm Multi-mode – 23dB, 17dB, 14dB  
  • 2E36 – 1300nm Single Mode – 10dB
  • 2E46 – 1300nm Single Mode – 16dB  


Modules with Diagnostic Output

  • 2D06 – 850nm Multi-mode – 21dB
  • 2D07 – 850nm Multi-mode – 21dB, 12dB, 9dB
  • 2D09– 1300nm Multi-mode – 12dB, 9dB
  • 2D10 – 850nm Multi-mode – 23dB, 17dB, 14dB
  • 2D36– 1300nm Single-mode – 10dB
  • 2D46– 1300nm Single-mode – 16dB


Fiber Optic Signal Conversion
The EOTec 2000 Fiber optic modems are a family of modules designed to take traditional copper networks, convert them to fiber optic signals, and convert them back again. All modules fit on standard 35mm DIN rail and each has an integrated backplane. As a result, there is no separate backplane to purchase and no external wiring between modules. Simply attach each module to the DIN rail and slide them together until they mate to one another.
The EOTec 2000 series represents an extremely flexible and scalable solution to the problems often encountered when using copper to interconnect communication nodes. Both multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic links are supported. Options are available to support all the popular fiber optic connectors (ST, SMA, SC), providing users the ability to construct dependable and robust networks.

Fiber Optic Overview
Lightning, corrosion and temperature extremes can wreak havoc on traditional industrial networking equipment, and long distances can preclude the use of copper cable. In these situations, instrumentation & control engineers use our fiber optic components in their industrial automation networks. Our fiber optic industrial networking components provide a reliable, cost-effective solution to convert signals from copper to fiber, and to manage remote I/O signals.

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