Bonding Transducers to Tank Bottoms or Plates

Product Announcement from Ultrasonic Power Corporation

Bonding Transducers to Tank Bottoms or Plates-Image

Bonding our "Vibra-Bar®" Transducers to Stainless Steel plates or Tank Bottoms

Ultrasonic Power Corp can permanently bond our "Vibra-Bar®" transducers to the radiating surface of your stainless steel plate or tank. We can also design and manufacture custom plates and tanks for you. 

UPCorp is the orignal manufacturer of "Vibra-Bar®" transducers that others try to imitate. The unique construction of the bar provides complex resonances of 40 - 90 kHz. This produces Ultrasonic Power Corporation's patented "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency™" which virtually eliminates undesirable standing waves.

Call or email us  and our experinced staff will help you with your application. It may be easier than you think.