Ultrasonic Flow-Through Reactors

Product Announcement from Ultrasonic Power Corporation

Ultrasonic Flow-Through Reactors-Image

Benefits of using UPC's Ultrasonic Flow-Through Reactor in your Biodiesel Conversion Process:
- Allows for continuous inline processing
- Can achieve biodiesel yield in excess of 99%
- Reduces processing time from 1-4 hours to less than 30 seconds
- Reduces separation time from 5-10 hours to less than 60 minutes
- Can be easily configured with multiple units in series or parallel
- Cost effective way to increase reaction speed and conversion rate
- Standard operating frequency 40KHz- other frequencies available
- UPC's patented Vibra-bar® technology coupled with UP-SweepTM provided Simultaneous Multi-frequencyTM for superior performance
- Three standard sizes- 2000 Watts, 1000 Watts, 500 Watts
- Custom sizes and configurations easily accommodated
- Designed and made in Freeport, IL, USA

Can be used with many other applications including:
Deconglomeration of coalesced materials
- Dispersion of nano-scaled particles
- Emulsifying of substances
- Disintegration of sludge
- Production of suspensions
- Water Sanitation
- Water- Diesel Emulsion
- Crude Oil Enhancement
- Blending Systems
- Extraction of Algae Oil