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Presentation: Coatings for high-power connectors

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Presentation: Coatings for high-power connectors
ARGUNA® C-100 Specially developed for the coating of connector contacts, enables a stable and robust coating system with maximum charging performance over the entire lifetime. In this way, we meet the demand for longer service lives and increased reliability, especially in electromobility.

Silver layer with exceptional abrasion resistance and yet maximum charging performance for connectors

In his now freely accessible presentation, our expert Robert Ziebart explains why the previous standard will not be sufficient in the future. Learn also how our silver-graphite dispersion electrolyte ARGUNA® C-100 fulfils the manufacturers' requirements sustainably and economically 

New standard for plug contacts in high-power applications
Many requirements for the establishment and expansion of an efficient charging infrastructure have been or are currently being created: an increasing number of charging stations, expanded battery capacities or rising charging power. However, there is still a lack of a sustainable solution for long-lasting charging contacts. Current systems for transferring high charging power from the power source to the battery are still far from satisfactory for manufacturers and suppliers. 

Technical requirements of the industry have not been met so far
Silver is the element in the periodic table with the highest electrical conductivity and thus the prerequisite for connector contacts with the greatest possible power transmission. However, both fine silver (pure silver) and hard silver coatings (silver alloys) still do not meet all the technical properties required by the industry in terms of quality (see adjacent list).

The desire for significant longer durability of high-performance silver coatings for such high-power applications is obvious - no wonder, this is the basic prerequisite for longer product life and thus improved cost-effectiveness.

Longevity means competitiveness
The problem is particularly evident in the example of electric cars. Here, the vehicle inlet is permanently installed and a shortened life cycle often means an early, costly and potentially image-damaging replacement of the component.

Increased costs can also arise on the charging infrastructure side due to limited durability of the plug components on the charging station. The charging plugs are plugged in many times in daily use and can show wear of the silver surfaces within a short time. However, since end customers expect reliable charging with the shortest possible charging times, the entire charging pistol must be replaced in the event of wear and thus limited charging function. Besides the additional costs for materials, time and service, this can also result in sales losses due to reduced usage or the downtime of the column. 

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Temperature-stable hardness up to the end-of-life
  • Extended lifetime of the contacts/connectors
  • Improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • High number of mating cycles without performance degradation


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