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Recover (precious) metals from used solutions

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Recovery of metals from wastewater with the help of our MMO anodes
In many metal processes, valuable raw materials disappear unused in wastewater or are reprocessed at high cost. With our MMO anodes you can recover (precious) metals from used solutions by electrolysis yourself and thus make your production more sustainable.

By recovering the metals, you not only achieve immense raw material savings, but also contribute to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions. If you recognize and utilize this potential, you create a true closed loop for your metals.

In addition, our dimensionally stable MMO anodes have a long service life of 10 years and are therefore particularly economical.


  • More sustainable production
  • Environmental protection through energy saving and conservation of resources
  • Closed loop
  • Cost saving
  • Long lifetime of MMO anodes



  • Metal recovery e.g. of gold, silver, copper, palladium etc. from used solutions


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