High Shock & Vibration Effects on Instrumentation

Product Announcement from United Electric Controls Company

High Shock & Vibration Effects on Instrumentation-Image

The One Series electronic pressure and temperature switches from United Electric Controls have been designed with no moving parts to withstand severe shock and vibration, eliminating false trips. The circuit boards are conformal coated and encased in epoxy, creating a barrier against the effects of shock, vibration and moisture. Using an extremely low displacement (0.0005 inches3) piezo resistive pressure sensor design eliminates the need for bellows, pistons, linkages and switch contacts. A mineral insulated RTD element provides temperature measurements. Values are compared to the programmable set point and deadband settings by a microprocessor. When appropriate, the One Series electronic output changes state with 0.1% repeatability over a wide temperature range.

These features make the One Series ideal for high cycle rate applications with severe shock and vibration, typical of compressors, hydraulic presses and pumps. The One Series is available with gage pressure, differential pressure and temperature sensors. Wetted materials are 316L stainless steel. Enclosure options with worldwide hazardous location approvals are intended for Div. 1/Zones 0 and 1 areas. Visit www.ueonline.com for additional information.