Natural Gas Vehicle ReFueling Station

Featured Product from Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.

Small Compressor System for Fueling Vehicles with Natural Gas (CNG): 5 to 50 HP, Air Cooled Design. Additional NG Compression System Features Include:

Structural steel base frame, fork-liftable

• PLC (programmable logic control)

• Digital message board with fault history and real time readings for all sensors

• Common fault indicator light for programmed shutdown conditions

• Full voltage motor starter and electrical control system mounted and wired

• Control voltage circuit with step-down transformer

• Motor overloads

• Power-on light

• Emergency kill (mushroom) switch

• On-off switch for start/stop control (two-way switch)

• Face gauge panel, including 1st stage thru final discharge pressure and oil pressure.

• Face gauge for final system pressure prior to the pressure maintaining valve

• Discharge pressure sensor with infinite setting control and multiple set points

• Low and high inlet pressure sensor

• Low oil pressure sensor

• High outlet temperature sensor (1st & 4th stages)

• Contacts provided for remote monitoring of system controls

• Built-in air cooled intercoolers and aftercooler

• Moisture separation, all stages

• Auto condensate drainage, all stages

• Cartridge dryer / filtration manifold, installed

• Forced lubrication system with oil pump and filter

• Crankcase breather piped to inlet or vent (subject to inlet conditions)

• Automatic compressor unloading system with vented to vapor recovery tank

• Non-return valve at discharge

• Minimum pressure valve at discharge

• Finish paint in blue or light gray enamel

• ASME, inlet gas surge tank with pressure gauge and gas tight relief valve

• Integrated vapor recovery system with ASME storage vessel regulated to system inlet

• Detailed general arrangement, electrical and flow diagrams for customer review and approval prior to system construction

• Detailed operations, maintenance and parts manuals provided in electronic or hard copy format (Standard English, alternate languages available at option)