No More Removing Bung Plugs to Lock Metal Drums

Product Announcement from Universal Die Cast, Inc.

No More Removing Bung Plugs to Lock Metal Drums-Image

Universal Die Cast's Univ-lok Drum Lock is the latest device in securing standard 30 and 55 gallon metal and plastic storage drums. The Drum Lock is a cost-effective answer to controlling storage concerns of ALL TYPES of liquids, semi-liquids and powders that come in standard drums. This system, using an anti-tampering seal or padlock, will secure chemicals and liquids during transportation, in-house monitoring, containment, as well as in staging areas for used chemicals prior to disposal.

This Drum Lock is unique from other drum security products because it never comes in contact with the contents. The original bung plugs do not have to be unscrewed from the drum to install the Univ-Lok drum lock. Instead, it encloses the area around the bung plugs, using the outside lips of the fill-access area to keep this security device in place. Installation is accomplished in seconds. Competitive drum locks come in contact with the chemicals, which can cause contamination or chemical reactions with the contents.

The made in the USA, patent pending, Univ-Lok is an inexpensive way to secure drums, in comparison to other securing devices on the market. It is constructed of non-sparking zinc die cast metal, reducing chances of fire when used with flammable chemicals.

Possible industry applications include transportation, internal storage and security, recycling and environmental protection. With concerns of Homeland security, this would be a cost effective method to give protection to products in drums. One recent customer is using the Univ-Lok to secure food products from contamination, as well as security reasons and pilfering.


Metal Drum Locks

  • Zinc Die Cast Material - melting point 788 degrees
  • Durable, environmentally safe plating
  • Does not rust in moisture conditions
  • Safe around food products
  • No special tools needed to install
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits around the 'lip' of the drum openings
  • No risk of cross-threading during installation
  • Original factory drum plug does not have to be removed to install
  • Special tag hole can be used for inventory control or tracking
  • RFID tagging - active and passive in development (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Cross-locking pins are interchangeable
  • Can be reused - not a throwaway
  • Made in the USA
  • No need to open contents to the environment
  • Prevents 'cocktailing' of contents
  • Reduces threat of employee theft or sabotage
  • Homeland Security Product
  • Future EPA, OSHA and USDA implications for product safety
  • Patent pending design
  • 9/32" diameter padlock or 5/16" clevis pin with tamper evident tag can be used for lockout



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