Miniature UV Quartz Lens

Product Announcement from Universe Kogaku (America) Inc.

Miniature UV Quartz Lens-Image

New Miniature UV Lens
Universe Kogaku has just released our unique Miniature UV Quartz Lens.

Unlike anything else on the market, this lens features 9.0mm focal length with an F/number of 2.8. More importantly, this lens is packaged in the popular M12 x 0.5 pitch threaded barrel.

The lens is designed to image up to a 1/2 " format sensor with 100 lp/mm center resolution, with full transmission down to 260nm. M13 x 0.5 filter threads are provided to mount user supplied band pass filters.
These lenses are in stock at Universe Kogaku. For pricing or other information, please call 516-624-2444 (in USA) or email