Advanced UVTreatment System

Featured Product from Ushio America, Inc.

Advanced UVTreatment System-Image

Ushio America, Inc. is proud to introduce a new family of industrial Amalgam UVTreatment systems. Utilizing USHIO’s state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality components, these turnkey systems are custom designed as complete UV solutions in order to meet the rigorous demands of any critical Life Science or surface UV treatment applications.

Developed by our expert team of lighting and fixture engineers and manufactured to the highest standards in our Irvine, CA factory, the USHIO Advanced UVTreatment Systems come fully constructed with lamps, fixtures, and power supplies designed specifically for each customer; allowing for easy integration into any new or existing production line.  Advanced in-house light modeling and UV analysis allow Ushio America to build systems across a wide range of sizes and power outputs, which can be especially useful in a wide range of surface UV treatment applications.

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  • Full turnkey systems – Custom built for any surface UV treatment applications
  • High UV output – Designed for to each customer’s needs
  • In-house design team and engineering support in ISO9001 certified factory
  • Complete light modeling and UV requirement analysis
  • State-of-the-art power supplies with dimming, lamp feedback, and failure warnings
  • Quick power disconnects and optional slide rails allow for easy maintenance, cleaning, and inspection
  • Integrated fixture vents configured to meet any HVAC or cleanroom requirements
  • Life Science
  • Surface UV Treatment