Hyperion Laser Illumination Systems

Featured Product from Ushio America, Inc.

Hyperion Laser Illumination Systems-Image

The Hyperion laser illuminator system excels in demanding applications where high-intensity light is required in the smallest of places. Designed with minimally invasive medical applications in mind, this product delivers cool, high-lux illumination that can be efficiently coupled into light channels that range from microns to millimeters. The power and versatility of this illuminator allow it to be coupled with fibers of the smallest size, enabling the use of much smaller endoscopes and video scopes. When combined with our Awaiba video processor, the possibilities for adding visualization to both new and existing devices are endless.

Many Hyperion options available to suit your application

  • Production ready models:
    – Hyperion 200LV – Laser illuminator with Awaiba NanEye video processor
    – Hyperion 200L – Laser illuminator
    – Hyperion 200V – Awaiba NanEye video processor
    – Hyperion 200L-02 – Dual output laser illuminator
    – Hyperion 100L – Laser illuminator module
  • Models currently in development:
    – Hyperion 400L – High power laser illuminator
    – Hyperion 150L – High power laser illuminator module
    – Hyperion 100L-02 – Dual output laser illuminator module
  • A high-intensity source can deliver up to 20 times the light of ordinary sources in channels ranging from tens of microns to a millimeter in diameter
  • The narrow bandwidth of laser sources can produce sharper images and better contrast, and facilitate identification of key features such as malignant cells
  • RGB illumination allows for custom light color options
  • Communication via packet-based protocol or serial commands
  • Field upgradable
  • Additional wavelengths including UV and IR available
  • Customization available
  • User accessible video processing options available
  • OEM and private label products welcomed
  • Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Flexible and rigid video scopes, such as:
    – Urethroscopes
    – Bronchoscopes
    – Esophagoscopes
    – Cystoscopes
    – Laryngoscopes
  • Minimally invasive surgical platforms
  • Minimally invasive surgical robotics
  • Medical and surgical instrumentation
  • Chandeliers for ophthalmic surgery
  • Light guides for cardiothoracic platforms
  • Industrial inspection
  • Other medical and industrial endoscopic applications