Multi-Mode 1200mW Red Laser Diode (HL63283HD)

Featured Product from Ushio America, Inc.

Multi-Mode 1200mW Red Laser Diode (HL63283HD)-Image

Ushio Opto Semiconductors, formerly Hitachi/Opnext, introduces new multi-mode red laser diode HL63283HD which offers 1200mW output at 637nm center wavelength with a TO9 Can package.

Ushio is proud to offer this world leading highest power single emitter red laser diode enabling various industry innovations and adding more value to customer product with its high power and bright red light.



  • 637nm (typ) center wavelength AlGalnP laser diode
  • Multi transverse mode
  • High optical output power 1200mW at CW, 1500mW at Pulse
  • High heat dissipation Φ9 mm Can package
  • Single emitter
  • High wall plug efficiency 40% typical
  • TM mode oscillation



  • Display
  • Bio medical
  • Laser illumination
  • Show laser