Multi-Mode 2200mW Red Laser Diode (HL63290HD)

Featured Product from Ushio America, Inc.

Multi-Mode 2200mW Red Laser Diode (HL63290HD)-Image

Ushio Opto Semiconductors, formerly Hitachi/Opnext, introduces new multi-mode red laser diode HL63290HD which offers 2200mW output at 638nm center wavelength with a TO9 Can package.

Ushio is proud to offer this high power level multi-emitter red laser diode enabling various industry innovations and adding more value to customer product with its high power and bright red light.



  • 638nm (typ) center wavelength AlGalnP laser diode
  • Multi transverse mode
  • High optical output power 2200mW at CW, 2500mW at Pulse
  • High heat dissipation Φ9 mm Can package
  • Dual emitters
  • TM mode oscillation



  • Display
  • Optical equipment