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Product Announcement from Uson, L.P.

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Are you a manufacturing engineer who has to deal with stringent leak rate specifications on a daily basis?

If so, I have some very good news for you. We have released a new Gage Pressure Decay Calculator. This fully automated test calculator will help you get almost instant answers to “What If” modeling of pressure decay leak testing variables. That’s not all; it will also provide you exact returns-on-investment (ROI) calculations from our new 8-sensor concurrent leak testing technology.

What can you do with the Gage Pressure Decay Calculator?

Here are some of the key variables that you can manipulate with the Gage Pressure Decay Calculator:

  • Pressure Ranges (PSIG)
  • Leak Rate Target
  • Number of Concurrent Pressure Decay Sensors in Use (up to 8 with USON’s Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester)
  • Part/test volume
  • Estimated load and unload times
  • Other specifications that vary from application to application and that can be custom configured using the Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester to maximize efficiency

Below are the calculated outputs provided by the calculator:

  • Test cycle times, including all stages of fill, stabilization, test time, and total)
  • Number of parts tested per hour
  • Number of parts tested per minute
  • Seconds per part

The ability to custom configure the leak tester is very important because pressure decay leak tests are only one of the dozen types of tests that the unique Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester can perform. It gives you nearly half a billion (Yup, that’s a billion with a “b”) different permutations of how you could use this technology if you are looking at test methodology alone.

Now add in all those variables for part sizes, shapes, volumes, test pressures, acceptable leak rates, pneumatic controls affecting cycle times, and so forth—ALL of which can be custom configured on the Optima vT – and it should be obvious to you that there is a real need for this type of a fully automated calculator to help you constantly improve test processes, efficiencies and throughput.

Let’s say you have fixed test pressures and parts volumes but need to know the answer to “What if you used 8-sensor concurrent leak testing instead of simple two-channel dual testing?”

Now you can calculate throughput improvements in seconds and in turn get an exact return-on-investment from trading up to the latest leak detection technology built into the Optima vT leak tester.

Here’s another example of how the Gage Pressure Decay Calculator can be used.  Design engineers dealing with the issue of how subassembly re-designs affect test volumes, can receive answers to various “What If” modeling scenarios with just one click.

Best of all, it is FREE and is part of the growing library of Uson’s Automated Calculators for NDT Testing that will be made available soon.

Download your copy of Uson’s Gage Pressure Decay Calculator right now. If you prefer, email us at or call my direct number at 281 671 2212.

As many leak test applications have unique challenges, Uson welcomes your questions and will be happy to discuss your testing requirements.