CS5463-ISZR Power Monitor

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Elevate your power monitoring capabilities with the CS5463-ISZR, a cutting-edge Single Phase Power and Energy Monitor from Cirrus Logic, Inc. This integrated circuit (IC) excels in providing accurate and reliable measurements for current and power consumption.

Key Features:

  • Precision Measurement: The CS5463-ISZR ensures high-precision measurement of current and power, delivering accurate data for critical applications.
  • Linear Voltage Regulation: Functioning as a linear voltage regulator, it stabilizes and regulates voltage for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Single Phase Efficiency: Tailored for single-phase power systems, this IC is designed to excel in a variety of energy monitoring applications.


  • Smart Energy Systems: Ideal for integration into smart energy systems, facilitating efficient power consumption management.
  • Industrial Automation: Enhance industrial automation processes by precisely monitoring power usage and optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Ensure the reliable measurement of power in renewable energy setups, supporting sustainability initiatives.

Invest in the CS5463-ISZR for unparalleled precision and performance in single-phase power and energy monitoring. Elevate your applications with the latest in power measurement technology.