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CS5463-ISZR Power Monitoring and Regulation IC

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Explore the CS5463-ISZR, an advanced Integrated Circuit (IC) designed by Cirrus Logic, Inc. for comprehensive power monitoring and regulation in single-phase electrical systems. This versatile IC is engineered to meet the precise needs of power management in a variety of applications.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic, Inc.
  2. Part Number: CS5463-ISZR
  3. Product Category: Power Monitoring and Regulation IC (Not a Voltage Regulator)
  4. Regulator Type: Linear


  • Energy Management: Ensure efficient energy consumption and tracking in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
  • Power Quality Monitoring: Keep a close watch on power quality to prevent disruptions and protect sensitive equipment.
  • Cost Optimization: Analyze power usage data to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.
  • Single-Phase Systems: Tailored for precise control in single-phase power setups.

The CS5463-ISZR offers:

  • Accurate Current and Power Measurement
  • Real-time Monitoring for Data Analysis
  • Precise Regulation Capabilities

Whether you're working on energy-efficient projects, power quality assurance, or smart power management, the CS5463-ISZR is your go-to solution. This IC delivers the reliability and performance you need for effective power control in single-phase systems. Optimize power usage and maintain a consistent power supply with the CS5463-ISZR. Choose quality and precision with Cirrus Logic's power management technology.