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CS5463-ISZ: Precise Single-Phase Linear Regulator

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The CS5463-ISZ is a highly versatile and efficient Integrated Circuit (IC) designed and manufactured by Cirrus Logic, Inc. This single-phase power and energy monitoring and regulation solution offers a range of capabilities to cater to various applications. It primarily falls under the category of IC Voltage Regulators, specifically Linear Regulators, providing precise control and regulation of voltage and power in a single-phase setup.

Key specifications of the CS5463-ISZ include:

  1. Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

    • A well-known and reputable semiconductor company, Cirrus Logic, Inc. is responsible for producing this IC, ensuring reliability and quality.
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: CS5463-ISZ

    • The unique identifier for this IC, which is essential for ordering and identifying the product accurately.
  3. Product Category: IC Voltage Regulators

    • The CS5463-ISZ is categorized under IC Voltage Regulators, signifying its primary function in regulating and controlling voltage within electronic circuits.
  4. Regulator Category: Linear

    • This IC is classified as a Linear Regulator, which indicates that it provides a continuous and smooth output voltage, making it suitable for applications where stable power supply is critical.

This product is supplied by VAST STOCK CO., LIMITED, a reputable distributor known for providing high-quality electronic components. VAST STOCK CO., LIMITED ensures that customers have access to reliable semiconductor solutions, including the CS5463-ISZ, for their various applications.

The CS5463-ISZ is a valuable tool for applications that require precise monitoring and regulation of power and energy in single-phase systems. It offers the capability to measure and control power parameters accurately, making it suitable for various applications, including energy monitoring, power management, and control systems.

This IC is designed to meet the demands of modern electronic systems, ensuring that voltage and power remain within specified tolerances. Its linear regulation feature ensures minimal fluctuations in the output voltage, making it ideal for applications where a stable power supply is essential.

In summary, the CS5463-ISZ by Cirrus Logic, Inc., supplied by VAST STOCK CO., LIMITED, is a high-quality IC voltage regulator designed for single-phase power and energy monitoring and regulation. Its linear regulator category and precise specifications make it a valuable component in various electronic systems where accurate power management is crucial.