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Cyclone® IV E FPGA: Embedded Solution

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High-Performance Embedded Solution: Cyclone® IV E FPGA

  • Flexibility and Programmability: Cyclone® IV E FPGA is a flexible, programmable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) offering designers a wide range of customization options for various application scenarios.
  • Ideal for Embedded Systems: Categorized under Integrated Circuits (ICs) > Embedded - FPGAs, the Cyclone® IV E offers outstanding performance, suitable for a variety of embedded systems, meeting the needs of different projects.
  • Powerful Specifications: With 392 LABs/CLBs, 6272 logic elements/cells, and 91 I/Os, this product provides abundant resources enabling designers to implement complex functionalities and connectivity requirements.
  • Low-Power Design: Operating at a supply voltage of 1.15V to 1.25V, the Cyclone® IV E FPGA is designed with low-power solutions, aiding in extending battery life and reducing energy costs.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Operating temperature range of 0°C to 85°C (TJ) ensures reliable operation in various environmental conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Surface mount mounting type facilitates integration of this FPGA into designs.
  • Abundant Memory Capacity: Total RAM bits of 276480 provide ample storage space, suitable for data processing and storage-intensive applications.

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