Bulk Powder Conveyor

Product Announcement from VAC-U-MAX

Bulk Powder Conveyor-Image

Aerocon's Aero-Mechanical Conveyors are designed for high through put of semi-free flowing powders like Talc, TiO2, Carbon Black, Chopped Fiberglass and Calcium Carbonate. The Aero-Mechanical Conveyor can convey up to 18 cubic feet per minute. The Aerocon conveyor is excellent for Bulk Bag Unloading and Loading, conveying powders quickly to process vessels and reloading feeders. Drawing on the extensive experience of powder handling Aerocon has introduced major improvements to the Aero-Mechanical Conveyor. Clean-In-Place housings, independent tensioning and flood feed inlets have all been Aerocon innovations. The unique properties of a combination of fluidized and mechanically assisted conveying enables high transfer rates at low levels of power. For more information call 800-405-2376 or visit www.aeromechanical.com