Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Systems

Product Announcement from VACUUBRAND, Inc.

Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Systems-Image

VACUUBRAND® VARIO™ vacuum pumping systems provide advanced, automatic control of rotary evaporation processes without programming or test runs. Even older, unregulated rotary evaporators gain state-of-the-art control when matched with the VARIO™ pumping systems. The units detect vapor conditions and automatically optimize complex evaporative processes. Applications finish up to 30% faster than with the electronic controls common on evaporators, and bumping is minimized, protecting sample material.

Choose from a range of VARIO™ vacuum systems with different vacuum and pumping capacities. Models support lab-scale evaporators, as well as kilo-scale and pilot-scale evaporators. All are oil-free, and whisper-quiet in operation. Pumps have fluoropolymer flowpaths for exceptional chemical resistance, and service intervals of 10,000-15,000 operating hours mean lifetime maintenance costs are minimal.