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We offer an unbeatable combination of technology, experience and services. With Vaisala’s continuous monitoring solution  you can focus on operations knowing your environments are measured accurately and monitored reliably. Our sensors and transmitters measure almost any parameter. Vaisala also offers in-line measurement of liquid concentrations for pharmaceutical process instrumentation and control.

  • Instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, dewpoint, differential pressure and other critical parameters.
  • Continuous, secure and GxP-compliant monitoring for sensitive environments like refrigerators, incubators, isolators, laboratories, cleanrooms and warehouses.
  • Services and support that ensure your systems meet or exceed the most stringent compliance requirements.

"Of all the monitoring systems we looked at, the viewLinc monitoring system provided the best value ... hands down!"
- Dorraine Reynolds, Pharmacy Director US-based National Research Hospital

The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System provides:

  • viewLinc software for real-time monitoring and alarming of temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Alarms are sent via onscreen alert, email, SMS, alarm towers, relay to alarm service, and voice calls
  • Automated historical and alarm reports are saved to viewLinc's secure server
  • Data loggers connect easily -- wired, PoE, Wi-Fi, or VaiNet long-range wireless
  • Scalable from one to thousands of sensing devices
  • Reliable, redundant recording runs parallel to control systems for simplified validation
  • OPC UA and API provide options to integrate viewLinc to other systems
  • Optional on-site calibration services ensure accurate temperature and humidity records

Ideal for monitoring temperature, humidity and more in:

  • GxP Environments & Life Science Applications
  • Calibration Laboratories
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Data Centers & Equipment Rooms
  • Museums & Archives
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Distribution
  • Chart Recorder Replacement

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Customer Reviews 

“After years of working with the system, generating the kind of reports that make auditors happy, we’ve found Vaisala’s viewLinc monitoring system to be bullet-proof.”
Timothy Phelps, Facilities Engineering Manager - Specialty Distribution
“[The] system is easily scalable without extra costs, increases our efficiency with its remote reading abilities and ease of use, and the measurements are very accurate.”
- Mats Andersson, Project Manager, AstraZeneca