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When You Don't Get a Second Chance

When your product requires the highest reliability and there is no opportunity for a second chance consider Valtronic who rely heavily on over 25 years of experience to optimize your product from the onset. Some factors we consider are the detailed requirements of your product, its size, the environment in which it will operate, power requirements and required life of the product.

Valtronic is an engineering and design leader for complex mechatronic products for the medical device sector, advanced industrial applications and other high-tech industries that must meet exacting standards. From concept to production, Valtronic specializes in providing the necessary expertise for your engineering, design and manufacturing needs. With our outstanding expertise and strong partner network, we can offer to our customer a unique opportunity to improve the product time-to-market.

Our full service engineering team offers engineering consulting, engineering process and product development consulting, including:

  • Product Engineering & Development Strategy
  • Safety Design Methodology
  • Feasibility Study
  • Technology Transfer
  • Clinical Regulatory Support/CE Mark/FDA