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Valuetronics International also buys your surplus, obsolete and unused test equipment!
Do you have electronic test equipment sitting in your storage room gathering dust? Bring your unused equipment - whether it's sitting in a calibration lab or taking up bench space - to Valuetronics International. We buy all kinds of testing equipment - even if the technology is outdated. There's a good chance you're sitting on extra capital for your business without even realizing it!
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Create more room in your budget
The Valuetronics Test Equipment Buying Program allows you to create more room in your budget by selling your equipment fast. Our flexible options give you the ability to monetize on your idle or surplus assets, while they would otherwise be sitting unused. As one of the premier suppliers of lab equipment in the country, we always have our finger on the pulse of the equipment resale market and can obtain a fair price for your assets.
If you have any questions, reach out to our asset management team. We're here to help you understand the value of your old equipment and help you leverage the capital to help your company grow. Use our program to further your research and create new solutions that drive the scientific community forward.


Valuetronics was founded in 1992, as a seller and buyer of used test equipment. Later we added several distribution lines of new equipment. We supply electronic test equipment to large, medium and small businesses. We stock thousands of instruments at our facility located in Elgin, IL, as well as having a customer base that is over 100,000 contacts worldwide and growing! We take great pride in providing the best customer service we can offer to ensure that you made the right decision by choosing us!

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ValueTronics Trade-In Program
Trade-in your underutilized test equipment and use the credit you receive on any future purchase from us!
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