LDA-602Q Digital Attenuator

Featured Product from Vaunix Technology Corporation

LDA-602Q Digital Attenuator-Image

200 - 6,000 MHz 4-Channel USB Programmable High Resolution Digital Attenuator

The LDA-602Q Lab Brick USB programmable 50 Ohm high resolution digital attenuator has an input power of up to +28 dBm, and offers frequency coverage of 200 to 6,000 MHz. It has an attenuation range of 120 dB and a step size of 0.1 dB. The unit is powered and controlled by USB connection to a PC or self-powered hub, and is programmable for fixed attenuation or swept attenuation ramps directly from the included graphical user interface (GUI) software.


  • 4 Channels in one compact package
  • Programmable fixed or swept attenuation
  • Programmable attenuation profiles
  • 120 dB Attenuation range
  • 0.1 dB Attenuation step size
  • SMA Connectors


  • UHF to C-band Wireless ATE
  • MIMO testing
  • LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, Satellite Communication Fading Simulators
  • High Dynamic Range Microwave Radio Fading Simulators
  • Engineering/Production Test Labs